Opportunities Within An Existing Franchisee’s Territory

Are you a fan of your local Great Harvest? Have you always dreamed of owning your own store (or stores) in your hometown but thought there was no territory available because the current franchisee owns the rights to the surrounding area? If you answered yes to these two questions, we may have a solution for you! Great Harvest Franchising has granted existing stores the opportunity to sell part of their territory.

Great Harvest traditionally awarded very large territories to our franchisees, most of whom own one or two stores within that territory. Back when our stores were exclusively bread stores, the large territories made sense, but with the evolution of our model to bakery cafes, there is an opportunity to incorporate more locations within these legacy territories. In many instances across the country, the territory owned by existing franchisees can support additional bakery cafes without cannibalization. 

Benefits of buying territory from an existing franchisee:

  • Opportunity to own a Great Harvest bakery cafe where you currently live and are already involved in the community
  • An established neighboring store with an experienced ownership group ready to welcome and support you
  • Thanks to the reputation of the existing bakery cafe(s) in the area, there is already brand awareness within the community
  • Option to operate a full bakery cafe or purchase bread from the existing franchisee and streamline your business to operate cafe-only locations


View a List of Locations Where Owners Have Agreed to Sell Existing Territory