Bakery Cafe Customization Options

WHat will your bakery cafe look like?
Explore customization options with our ebook

One of the major appeals of the Great Harvest franchise is our Freedom Franchise model. Every store in our system is different becuase each one reflects its owner and the local community. To see what that looks like, download our Customization Options eBook.


It includes:

  • Images and menu descriptions of product options (now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)
  • Examples of desired store layouts and real estate criteria
  • Pictures of interiors, exteriors and signage from some of the newest stores in our system


Customization is one of the "fun parts" of small business ownership, and it's what the Freedom Franchise is all about. As a Great Harvest owner, you will make your mark on your store so it is truly your own. This eBook will help you visualize what your bakery cafe might look like.

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